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What our Partners have to say about us

MailGuard serves millions of customers globally via our trusted partners. Here's what some of our partners have to say about us.

Perry Askew

BAMITS, Business Development Manager

"Use the product yourself because it allows you to trust what you sell. We have used MailGuard for some years now and have never looked at moving to a different mail-filtering provider. To be honest, every client we move to MailGuard is a success story."

“The best stories we do have of our clients involve us showing clients MailGuard-related reports and seeing their expression when they see what is being blocked. The numbers can be staggering, and their sense of feeling protected is really evident."

Angus Mansfield

Managing Director, XCentral

“We wanted supportability, ease of use and a solution we could call as one of the top items on our requirements list, and MailGuard was so far ahead of the crowd that it made it an easy decision for us to partner with.”

Anthony Quaresima

CTO, Premier Technology Solutions

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