The last email security check for businesses using Microsoft Office 365.

Phishing, Ransomware, BEC are things we never want to experience personally. Taking a brand-new evolutionary approach to email security, MailGuard 365 is built specifically to protect businesses using Office 365.

The last email security check before 'that'

 email destroys your business

Ready for MailGuard 365?

MailGuard 365 combines 18+ years of specialized email security expertise and IP from MailGuard, with the best of Microsoft Azure and ML/ AI.

Activated with your Microsoft credentials, getting started is easy, with MailGuard 365 protection stopping advanced email threats immediately.
MailGuard 365 re-scans emails when they reach an end-user inbox, stopping dangerous email threats like phishing, spear phishing, ransomware and CEO Fraud (BEC) attacks that can destroy your business.
Designed to provide peace of mind for end-users, MailGuard 365 works natively inside of Office 365, moving threats to the user’s junk folder, meaning there is no additional training required. It makes life simple for IT admins too, with no set-up headaches or journaling to configure.
Complementing upstream security services like the Microsoft 365 security stack and other third-party vendors, MailGuard 365 takes a new approach. This means it is last to inspect emails, allowing for world-first evidence-based reporting that demonstrates its stopping power.

Protect your data, passwords, banking and other sensitive credentials that are the target of attacks by cybercriminals.



Stop targeted attacks impersonating C-level leaders and other people of influence within your organization.


Malicious payloads can prevent access to systems and data, demanding ransom payments in return for decryption.


Targeting key individuals, cybercriminals use social engineering to design fraudulent emails aimed at extracting sensitive information & funds.

Email security like no other

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Single-click activation
Stop criminal intent emails
No end-user training
Evidence-based reporting


"I literally just turned it on.. the experience could not be easier!"

Wing Tang, Systems Engineer - Cyber-Risk
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“I love the innovation in your product and the results you are finding. I look forward to continuing to support your growth and innovation."

Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, OCP - Microsoft
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A cloud-based email security solution built with the team at Microsoft specifically to protect Office 365 users.