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MailGuard 365 combines 20+ years of specialized email security expertise and IP from MailGuard, with the best of Microsoft Azure and ML/ AI.


Protect your data, passwords, banking and other sensitive credentials that are the target of attacks by cybercriminals.



Stop targeted attacks impersonating C-level leaders and other people of influence within your organization.


Malicious payloads can prevent access to systems and data, demanding ransom payments in return for decryption.


Targeting key individuals, cybercriminals use social engineering to design fraudulent emails aimed at extracting sensitive information & funds.

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"I literally just turned it on.. the experience could not be easier!"

Wing Tang, Systems Engineer - Cyber-Risk
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What our customers are saying
A world-first, evolutionary approach, MailGuard 365 is the last email security engine, designed to target and stop more advanced email threats by re-scanning inbound emails after the Microsoft 365 security stack has done its security threat assessment.
Email security like no other
No end-user training or IT support required for management
Single-Click, Auto activation using your Microsoft credentials for immediate protection
Moves threats to the junk or deleted items folder just like Microsoft 365
Stops sophisticated criminal intent email threats like phishing, ransomware and BEC

Working [natively] on the inside of Microsoft 365, it is the last email security engine, detecting threats after the Microsoft 365 security stack (including Microsoft Defender), and complementing 3rd party security solutions like Proofpoint and Mimecast.

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"The partnership that we have built together is powerful! The innovation that MailGuard 365 brings to the market and the ability to protect customers environments is critical to creating peace of mind for everyone. Thank you for defining a solution to safeguard our customers!"

Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, OCP - Microsoft

"Being on Office 365, setting up MailGuard 365 was a breeze, and I could do it all online from the Microsoft store with no fuss. The immediate protection gave me peace of mind. 

One of the best benefits of MailGuard 365 is that it provides the latest in Post-Delivery Protection. With MailGuard 365's Hybrid AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine, I can rest assured that it's always looking for new threats."

Founder - Aibl

"Customers want to purchase Microsoft products and solutions from our partners, like MailGuard, – together in one place, with one transaction, on a unified invoice. Selling through Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace enables MailGuard to sell through Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider network, tapping into a pool of over 70,000 global resellers across 140 countries that receive incentives directly from Microsoft when they resell partner solutions.” 

Keith Vidal, Category Leader, Security & Developer Platforms, Microsoft Azure Marketplace - Microsoft

Speaking about MailGuard 365 and the need for a defence-in-depth approach to email security, Satya Nadella said in a recent keynote that MailGuard 365 is “the type of innovation that we want to see.”

Satya Nadella, CEO - Microsoft

What people are saying

Protect against advanced zero-day phishing, ransomware and sophisticated BEC attacks

For all Office 365 users

For clients with an existing Azure subscription

Exclusively built with the team at Microsoft to protect more than 300 million users, it delivers enhanced ‘defense-in-depth’ protection for Microsoft 365 clients.

Single-click, auto activation using your Microsoft credentials for immediate advanced protection

No changes to your DNS, MX or your Microsoft control center
Evidence-based reporting demonstrates the results